Blues Cube Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule


Custom Voicing Circuit Delivering Premium Tone for the Blues Professional

The Tone Capsule is a modification circuit unit that changes the tube circuit characteristic of the original Blues Cube. The original Blues Cube produces rich and bold blues tone based on the characteristic of the 6L6 tube by Tube Logic. On the other hand, the Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule produces the sweet and deep compression feeling of a fully cranked-up small amp with 6V6 tubes, notably the small blackface amps famously used in numerous historical recordings. Generally, amps with 6V6 tubes aren’t very loud, but the Blues Cube with the Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule delivers sufficient output power even on the stage. Developed by Roland engineers under the supervision of blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher, the Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule fine-tunes the amp to suit his requirements, capturing both his soulful clean and sweet crunch sounds.

“I am blown away by the excellent tone of Blues Cube amps,” Kirk explains. “Being able to modify an already great-sounding amp with my own voice is a dream come true.”

Compatible products: Blues Cube Stage, Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212, and Blues Cube Tour.

Owner’s manual
Protection Cover
Applicable Models
Blues Cube Artist
Blues Cube Artist212
Blues Cube Stage
Blues Cube Tour
Size and Weight
29 mm
1-1/8 inches
29 mm
1-1/8 inches
50 mm
2 inches
15 g
1 oz



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