AX-Edge Editor

iOS/Android App

AX-Edge Editor

Customize AX-Edge Sounds to Match Your Unique Playing Style

The AX-Edge Editor is a free app for customizing AX-Edge sounds and making your stage performances unique and inspiring. You can intuitively edit programs and deep dive into tone tweaking to craft personalized sounds, something that’s not available using the AX-Edge’s panel controls. It’s also possible to tailor the keyboard’s system effects to match the various venues you play. Additionally, the editor provides direct access to Roland’s Axial website, where you can download ready-to-play sounds for a variety of music styles. And with the librarian feature, it’s simple to manage program/tone data for different live performances. With the AX-Edge Editor and the interchangeable Edge Blades included with the instrument, it’s easy to customize the AX-Edge’s sound and look to suit your personal performance style.



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