Aerophone mini Plus

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Aerophone mini Plus

The Essential Companion for Aerophone mini

If you own an Aerophone mini, the free Aerophone mini Plus app is a must-have companion. It includes over 50 ready-to-play sounds to complement those built into the instrument, and offers lots of great features to help you learn faster and have fun with music. There are 11 tutorial songs that guide you every step of the way, complete with an interactive fingering display and freely adjustable tempo to quickly build skills. It’s also possible to jam along with songs on your mobile device and customize Aerophone mini for your personal playing style.

Fun Tutorial Songs for Fast Learning

By working through the app’s 11 practice songs and guided tutorials, you’ll be making music with Aerophone mini in no time. Fingerings are displayed as a song plays, helping you learn intuitively without music notation. There’s a guide melody to get familiar with a song, and you can freely adjust the tempo for comfortable playing. Fingering is also tracked as you play, showing where you need to improve. Medals are awarded for playing accuracy, providing motivation to get better every day.

Explore New Music Styles with Over 50 Additional Sounds

Aerophone mini is equipped with six sounds, and connecting to the app provides instant access to over 50 more. Included are different sax variations, traditional woodwinds like oboe, bassoon, and recorder, exotic instruments like shakuhachi and bagpipes, and more. The app’s sounds play through your mobile device, and are organized in groups for easy auditioning. Try out a new sound to expand your repertoire, or reimagine your favorite music by playing it with a different instrument.

Play Along with Your Favorite Music

As a solo wind instrument, it’s most satisfying to play Aerophone mini with some accompaniment. While you can simply jam along with online songs or a music player, you get some cool benefits by accessing your mobile device’s music library* from the app. You’re able to slow down a song to make it easier to learn, and repeat certain sections to master them. You can even turn down the vocal with the center cancel function, perfect for some karaoke-style performing!

*Supported formats: WAV, AAC, MP3; DRM protected files cannot be played.

Develop Your Musical Rhythm

One of the most fundamental music skills is playing with a consistent rhythm, and a metronome is the time-tested tool to develop this ability. The app has a metronome that’s always ready to go, making it simple to bring rhythm practice into your daily playing routine.

Personalize Aerophone mini for Your Style

Using the app, you can easily personalize Aerophone mini for your needs. Adjusting the breath sensitivity customizes the playing response; higher settings let you play with light breath pressure, which is helpful when you’re just starting out. The sound engine can be transposed to any musical key, enabling you to play nearly any song with one fingering. And it’s even possible to create your own fingering setups and store them for later recall.



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