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Aerophone GO Plus

More Sounds, Better Practice and Deeper Customization for Aerophone GO

Aerophone Go Plus is the essential companion app for the Aerophone GO digital wind instrument, offering extra sounds, useful practice features and additional customization options. This free app uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your Aerophone GO and smartphone; once connected there are 50 extra sounds to explore – you can even try them out by playing along with favorite tunes from your smartphone. And there are several ways to learn specific songs including slowing the tempo of the playback song, or looping a section of the song so you can study it in detail.
You can even customize Aerophone GO’s fingering setup or adjust the bite sensor and breath control to match your playing style. If you own an Aerophone GO, take the next step with Aerophone GO Plus.

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Expand Your Musical Repertoire with 50 Extra Sounds

Connecting the app lets you access 50 sounds on your smartphone, including sax variations, oboe, bassoon, recorder and even shakuhachi and bagpipes. Try out a new sound, expand your musical repertoire, or reimagine your favorite music by playing it with a different instrument; the sounds from the app can be heard through your smartphone’s speakers or headphones.

*11 onboard sounds on the Aerophone GO are not available when you use this app

Learn Faster By Playing Along To Your Favorite Tunes

Because wind instruments are solo instruments, practice can be a solitary exercise. Aerophone GO Plus helps turn daily practice into an enjoyable habit. Start by playing along with favorite songs from your smartphone. Learn to play more challenging music by slowing down the playback tempo, or repeating certain sections of the song while you study and master the piece. You can even remove the vocal from a song, via the center cancel function, ready for an impromptu Karaoke session.

*Result may vary depending on the music track.

Customize Your Aerophone GO To Match Your Playing Style

Aerophone GO can be customized to suit the way you play. The Aerophone Go Plus app lets you alter a variety of instrument settings including fingering setup, bite sensor adjustment, and breath control sensitivity.

Metronome Develops Your Sense of Timing

The app’s onboard metronome helps develop your sense of timing. The click of the metronome can be heard through your smartphone mixed with the sound on the Aerophone GO plus, becoming an essential part of your daily practice.

Aerophone GO Plus Quick Start

Aerophone GO Plus Quick Start Step-by-step instructions

These Quick Start Videos contain step-by-step instructions that will quickly introduce you to its major features.Read more…



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