XPS-30 Regional Indian Patches

After the successful launch of the Roland XPS-30 red version. Now Roland is coming with attractive new 80 Indian Regional tones. Since Roland had provided varieties of Indian tones according to Indian Musicians requirement. Now Roland users can download XPS-30 Tones according to regional choice as EAST, WEST, NORTH, and SOUTH. In the Bundle of new XPS-30 regional patches, Roland has designed and modified popular Indian musical instruments like Harmonium, Banjo, Shehnai, Sarangi, Algazi, Swarmandal, Sitar, Tumbi, Nadhswaram, Bansuri, Rawanhattha, and many more useful Tones designed for Indian Bollywood and Devotional musician.

North Indian states like Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh has its different variety of music. According to the need of north musician Roland had provided new Tones like Harmonium, Shehnai, Sarangi, Tumbi, Punjabi Flute, Algoza,swarmandal, Banjo, etc. are available with other popular tones like Strings, Brass, Guitar, vibraphone and many more tones which are regularly used by the Indian Keyboard player while performing. 

South Indian states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh is popular for its classical music. Like Bollywood, South Indian music is also popular so-called Tollywood. Related to south Indian music Roland had designed tones like Nadhswaram, Veena, shehnai, Sitar, Harmonium, Swarmandal, Bollywood piano, etc. along with other popular modified western tones like string, flute, brass, guitar, vibraphone according to south Indian music which is mostly used by south Indian musicians.

East Indian States like West Bengal, Assam has a good population of musicians. along with Indian style music, east Indian musicians are influenced by western music as a mixture like Indo-Western music. Regarding this Roland has created East patches for XPS-30 with koto, string flute, clarinet, varieties of Guitar, modified strings, and many other popular and useful patches according to the needs of East Zone's musicians.

South Indian States like Gujrat, Mumbai, is popular for its variety of devotional and Bollywood music. Most numbers of keyboard players use Roland synth for live performance like Garba, Sangeet Sandhya, Bhajan (devotional Music). To fulfill the needs of the musician from West Zones Roland has provided newly designed tones like Sarangi, shehnai, Banjo, Harmonium, Swarmandal, Indian Flute, Modified Vibraphone according to Bollywood songs. Along with all the mentioned patches from different zones of India. Users can find all the regular Roland Patches which are commonly used by Indian Keyboard Player. 


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