E-X30 Educational Tabla Styles

New User’s Style for Roland E-X30

Information and introduction of new Educational Tabla styles

Roland E-X30 as an arranger keyboard we all know that it is useful for practising music, live performance at home as well as on stage. Roland has always provided the best technical features with all of its arranger keyboard and synthesizer and many other products useful for rhythms, guitar, music production industry from the last many decades.

Following the concept of understanding the musical needs of users, Roland has produced Indian Tabla styles for Roland E-X30 useful for Indian Classical Music students and performers.

There are various numbers of Tabla Taals in Indian classical music. But Roland has selected ten important Taals which are commonly used for learning and practising Indian classical music.

The New Tabla Taals designed for Roland E-X30 in style format is as follow:

1. TRITAAL: Tritaal has 16 Beats. Tritaal can be used for both accompaniment and solo classical singing.

2. ADHA TRITAAl: Adha Tritaal has 16 Beats. And Tritaal is a kind of Tritaal with some variation of Bols and useful for Devotional accompaniment and classical music.

3. BHAJANI TAAL: Bhajani Taal has 8 Beats commonly used Indian devotional songs called bhajan.

4. DADRA TAAL: Dadra Taal has 6 Beats. Dadra is useful for religious and classical Indian music and mostly used in Ghazals, Bollywood songs and in other Regional Film Music Industry of India.

5. DEEPCHANDI TAAL: Deepchandi Taal has 14 Beats.useful for Indian Classical music accompaniment and singing.

6. EK TAAL: Ektaal has 12 Beats commonly used in Indian classical music like khayal and Rabindra Sangeet.

7. JHAP TAAL: Jhaptaal has 10 Beats. Jhaptaal is useful for practising and playing Ragas and khayal in Indian classical Music and Ghazal Singing.

8. KEHERWA TAAL: Keherwa Taal has 8 Beats its useful for practising Indian classical music phrases based on 4/4 Rhythm and many more Indian Bollywood songs.

9. TEWRA TAAL: Tewra Taal has 7 Beats useful in khayal singing and practising classical Indian phrases based on 7/8 Rhythm.

10. ROOPAK TAAL: Roopak Taal has 7 Beats with three divisions. Roopak is useful for practising and performing Indian classical music and also useful for practising Indian Bollywood songs based on 7/8 Rhythm.

All the above mentioned Tabla Taals are designed in style format by following the Indian music syllabus, which are useful for the students who are learning music and preparing their music studies for Indian music grade examination.


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