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An App That Makes Your Piano Life Fun and Fulfilling

Roland’s Piano Every Day app is designed for anyone who used to play piano and would like to start playing their favorite music. This unique app supports and encourages daily piano practicing, for a fulfilling and enriching piano-playing experience.

*This app will be available on November, 2018.

Find Your Favorite Music from a Huge Online Library

Once installed on your smartphone, the app connects to Sheet Music Direct – the world’s largest collection of online sheet music. You can then browse a variety of music scores ranging from classical to pop, in addition to the songs already onboard your Roland LX700 series piano.

Start practicing instantly with over 300 songs onboard the LX700 piano series

When used with the LX700 series, the app displays the music notation of the piano’s onboard songs, so you can start playing immediately.

Browse over 70,000 music scores via Sheet Music Direct, then purchase your favorites

Once installed you can access Sheet Music Direct, the world’s largest online store for digital music scores, directly from the app. Browse over 70,000 music scores covering a wide range of musical genres including classical, pop, and jazz and purchase the digital music scores of your favorite tunes to help you learn.

Use your smartphone to study
your music scores anytime, anywhere

Each music score includes piano performance data, so you can review and study your music scores with just your smartphone – no piano required. *Internet connection required.

Let’s Start Practicing; Automatic Recording Of Your Performance

When connected by Bluetooth to a piano in the LX700 series, the app records your performance or practice session. You can then play back and review your performance, even when you’re away from the piano.

Display your sheet music on a tablet screen for easier practicing

If you install the app on a tablet as well as your smartphone, just place the tablet on the music rest and you can use the larger screen to display the music score.

When you connect via Bluetooth to an LX700 series piano, your performance data is automatically recorded and viewed through the app’s piano roll window.

Listening back to your performance is a great way to improve your skill. You can review your performance data with just your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Let’s Start Playing Again; One-Week Exercise Program Helps You Warm Up

When used with a piano in the LX700 series, you can challenge yourself by learning to play the piano’s onboard songs.

The One Week Master program helps you learn to play a piece of music in a week.

A variety of daily exercises helps you improve; developing the playing ability of each hand (and both hands together), learning to play at certain tempos, or even recording your best session on the last day of practicing.

The practicing range for each day is highlighted in green on the music score. Let’s start from step 1 from the ‘first day’ menu.

A variety of folk, jazz and classical music is available, perfect for warming up exercises when you start playing piano again

Track Your Daily Practicing Activity and Stay Motivated To Play the Piano

The Timeline feature keeps track of how often you play. When used with an LX700 series piano, your performance during each practice session is automatically recorded as a part of the time line.

Check your daily activity

You can review your practice routine through a monthly summary that shows how long you’ve been playing, which songs you’ve played, and what app-based activities you used.

Make sure you’re on the
right track

It’s easy to review your performances each day and then compare them to what you played yesterday. You can even listen to your performance without the piano, to check your progress anytime and anywhere.

The Timeline doesn’t just show your practice activity. The app suggests ways to improve your practicing, encouraging you to continue.

You’ll also receive valuable hints and suggestions on how to get the most from your practice sessions – and if you haven’t played for a while the app will remind you put in some practice time.

Piano Every Day is a unique and useful app for owners of a Roland LX700 series digital piano. It can also be used with other digital or acoustic pianos to encourage you to play every day.

*Piano Every Day will be available for free on App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), on November, 2018.

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